Company Background

Kangaroo Education Foundation (KEF), one of the leading and growing educational organisation based in Kathmandu, Nepal has been offering education and migration services. KEF started its operation in 2001 and was later renovated as Kangaroo Education Foundation. In performing excellently well in the capital of Nepal, KEF has also expanded its direct presence in Pokhara and Chitwan with the establishment of branch offices. Because of the long experience and expertise of its founder in study and migration expertise, KEF Sydney HQ Australia has stretched its wing to recruit students to the world ranking universities and colleges since 2017.  This expansion is brought in place with the company’s policy of subsidiarity.

Kangaroo Education Foundation (KEF) offers a great opportunity for students to get a study path in various countries but especially KEF has proved its record in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and USA. KEF has established the representative status of many reputed Colleges and Universities in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and USA.

We as a company are succeeding and growing. We look forward to
accomplish and evolve in the coming years. We are soon expanding our business in various cities of China, India, Korea and Malaysia as well. Our success stories pile up every day, and you can also generate one to add to the pile.

We, therefore, invite you to join us so that you may share with us our wonderful experience.

What we do

Our primary role is to connect students with universities and colleges around the world. We have the world’s largest database of degree courses for students to search, covering the Australia, New Zealand, USA, Poland, Ireland, Denmark and many more. Students looking for dependable study abroad consultants can rely on us for guidance. Those looking to study overseas can use our online services to secure admission into a University abroad. We can help international students to find the right university through our education counseling guidance via our technology and team of best advisors.

Our Services

  1. Student Counselling.
  2. Application lodgment (Universities and colleges).
  3. Assistance in Documentation for Visa Lodgment.
  4. Migration Services (TR/PR/Partner visa/Student visa/Tourist visa/MRT).
  5. Accommodation Arrangement.
  6. Airport Pickup.
  7. English Languages Classes (IELTS and PTE).
  8. Kangaroo Travel
  9. Career counselling

Students at KEF Sydney get the privilege of attending monthly seminars focused on specific Australian Universities and colleges, immigration law changes, career and personal development programs on a regular basis. These seminars are organized to facilitate students to choose the courses, education, find job and take next step in their career growth in Australia and overseas.

Our offices in Australia also provide students assistance on any issues regarding education, accommodation, job search and airport pickup. In summary, at KEF Sydney, our focus is always to give the ways by which students will be able to create themselves, while at overseas, academically sound and financially strong.

Why Students Choose Us

Kangaroo Education Foundation Sydney helps international students to make the most informed decision for their future education and career.

  1. Our aim is to put our students first
  2. We assist students to find the best course and university that suits them and their career objectives. Our professional and experience counsellors will help students select their education destination and university/colleges where they can thrive to achieve their goals and dreams. Our aim is to put students first, so our team work with students and their family first.

  3. Friendly Counsellors
  4. Our counsellors are education professionals and friendly. They are willing to share their experience thought process to the students and help them to learn and grow.

  5. Diversity at work
  6. Our students are mainly based from Bangladesh, Nepal and India however we also cater all the students from all the nationality onshore. Like our students our work place and counselors are diverse. We understand the students and their cultural background and assist them accordingly.

  7. We are family
  8. We support our students continuously even after their enrolment into university and colleges. Our students and our partners success are our success.