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Benefits Of COVID-19 For The International Students In Australia

COVID-19 has created a mess not only in Australia, but all parts of the world. However, it has now become a habit for us to adapt according to it. Following with the impact, there are some benefits as well for the international students provided by Australia. Here are some of the benefits provided to the students as mentioned below:

Country-wide benefits:

The Australian government has provided 3 important ways of helping out the international students where COVID-19 had caused a mess. They are:

  • You can access through the superannuation if you bank account is valid and if you been in the nation for at least 1 year.
  • If you are working in an aged care, hospital, child care or disability home you can increase your work schedules.
  • You can also stay in touch with consultants and embassies for any help.

State enterprises: Victoria, Australia:

  • Free meals are easily available in Food Aid of 2$ million AUD.
  • Emergency relief support are offered by The student emergency relief fund and extreme hardship support program.
  • Employment guidelines and Utility grants can be given.
  • Study Melbourne also supplies free meals in collaboration with companies like Oz Harvest, Foodbank, etc.

Australian Capital Territory (ACT):

  • International students can get up to $28 million Jobs for Canberra residents Fund for the residents.
  • A part of a $450,000 uphold bundle is available for the temporary visa holders.
  • Community uphold and mental health care packages are additionally claimable.

NSW (New South Wales):

  • Momentary emergency convenience and emergency food relief packages, particularly for those in provincial zones intensely affected by COVID-19.
  • A psychological wellbeing support package related to the 24/7 NSW Mental Health Hotline.
  • Help from the NSW International Student Legal Service (got to by means of the ‘My Legal Mate’ telephone application).

Queensland, Australia:

  • Contact 1800QSTUDY, a 24/7 helpline guiding international students to help roads.
  • The Study Queensland Lurhmann Appeal is a public allure that circulates assets and fund through local charities in Queensland.
  • The Queensland Student Hub network likewise guides students to help, while additionally giving free on the web and actual understudy uphold for government assistance, business and social issues.

Western Australia:

  • Student Perth Crisis relief have set up an International meal program for the international students.
  • They also help with the rent and meals support.
  • The State emergency welfare program provides services financially and with fooding and lodging as well.

South Australia:

  • Online help is available 24/7 on 1800 006 488 for study, work and living purposes.
  • You also might be applicable to claim a part of $13.8 million AUD International Student Support Package.
  • Private Rental Grant Scheme can be asserted by International Students.

Tasmania, Australia:

  • Temporary visa holders can get financial support.
  • The people suffering from extreme hardship will be awarded with the 4 weeks free rent or 2000$ AUD from the Rental relief fund.

NT (Northern Territory, Australia):

  • Mental health support will be given by the Darwin Student space.
  • Over of 5000$ AUD guides will be provided by The Worker and Welfare fund to study Northern Territory International student well-being grants that give emergency foods and services.
  • The Small Business Survival Fund upholds people incapable to guarantee the Job Keeper installment.

Visa news:

The student visas will be recommenced by the Australian Government granting visas in all the locations which has been lodged overseas. There will be no charges taken for the applications on behalf of the visa extensions. The online study will also be counted towards the study requirements for a Post study work visa. The graduates who have a valid visa can apply for a PSW visa outside Australia if they are unable to return back to the country due to the impact caused by COVID-19. Additional time will be given for applicants to provide the evidence of the English language Test as well. There has also been flexibility in the cases of the International students of not being able to meet the visa conditions which is also a benefit. International students also will be ready to lodge an extra student visa application freed from charge, if they’re unable to finish their studies within their original visa validity due to COVID-19.

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