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24 Jan 2021

How to plan your career properly after 10+2 for abroad study?

I have been working as an educational counselor for 5 years. In the span of five years, I have worked with many students of different educational and experienced levels, from +2 graduated students to professional teachers and researchers going abroad for higher educations in Bachelor's level to PhD level respectively. Depending upon their level of studies, the type of help that we provide them greatly differs. In my experience, +2 graduates are the most vulnerable and anxious groups, who may require more assistance than perspective postgraduate students. In this scenario, an educational counselor may play a pivotal role for helping them to find the best study destination, but a student, himself/herself should carefully decide what the best is for him/her. In order to take a right decision and to start abroad study plan smoothly, students have to work smartly. Even before starting a preparation for abroad study, students are required to have some sort of information regarding planning their career properly after 10+2 for abroad study. Many students often do get confused where to start from and how to start, so here is some important tips that may help you a lot.

•    Think - what do you want to become in life
Even before starting any sort of preparation after +2, just take time and think of your future, what do you want to become in life? It is applied in both scenarios: whether you want to study in Nepal or abroad.

•    Do research - what should you study 
If you want to become a fashion designer in future, you will have to study a fashion designing course. Similarly, if you want to become a business analyst, you will have to study a business degree with data science specialization.  These are just a few examples, as there are thousands of professions that students may be interested in and each profession requires related specific study. Therefore, you may seek the help of your teachers, seniors, counselors and internet to find out what education leads what careers.

•    Visit a reliable educational consultancy 
I strongly suggest students to visit a consultancy not only for the purpose of applying abroad studies but also for the purpose of knowing study options available for them in and outside the country. Some students may wish to study in Nepal but may not know the availability of the courses and campuses according to their interest. Therefore, students must consult with a knowledgeable and experienced counselor for the genuine information and advice regarding their higher education plan.

•    Decide - should you go abroad or study in Nepal
After following all these steps, you are pretty much sure what will be your next study destination. So, once again be sure that whether you want to study abroad or in Nepal.

•    Gather as much information as possible about abroad studies options
After researching the availability of courses and campuses in Nepal, after deciding for studying abroad for higher education, the next important phase is to know everything about the abroad studies options. Then, compare countries, education systems and qualities, universities, ranking, tuition fees, living costs, student support, facilities etc.

•    Start preparing for English proficiency tests such as IELTS, PTE and TOEFL
After having a complete overview of your abroad study plan, now is the time to start working on it to make your dreams come into reality, as you can choose a reliable institute/educational consultancy for preparing English proficiency tests such as IELTS, PTE or TOEFL. Furthermore, some countries may require additional test such as SAT, so you have to prepare it accordingly.
Moreover, it is the beginning phase of your preparation for abroad study. However, this research will be crucial for you in later phases of your application to the university, as you are required to write a statement of purpose/motivation letter to demonstrate your strength as a genuine student.
Wish you all the best!

Written by: Kiran Rai
Kangaroo Education Foundation Itahari