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Career Plan V/S Psychological Aspect For Better Score In ToEfL

Generally, what happens in a school life is we go to school because we fear of the teachers and parents but we do not know why do we have to study and go to school; similarly, we do not know the importance and application of education in life at that stage. But after the completion of grade 10, scenario completely changes, as we have to think of our future, interest and take decision wisely regarding what to study. Things even get tougher when you pass grade 12 (10+2) because you are running out of time to set up the foundation for your ideal career. After10+2, Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree, you may have interests for further studies abroad; so, you opt to join an educational consultancy for further preparation, as abroad study may require a standard English language test certificate such as IELTS, PTE or TOEFL, and sometimes other specialized or standardized tests like SAT, GMAT or GRE. Moreover, a standard English language test certificate either IELTS, TOEFL or PTE is sufficient, along with your academic certificate for the application. Amongst all the standard English tests, IELTS is the most popular one in Nepal. However, on the other hand, almost half of the students who try for abroad assume that IELTS is very difficult. So, in this essay, I will be addressing one particular aspect that is setting up a career goal before jumping into IELTS preparation, which help you to ace IELTS confidently.

Well, I have an interesting experience over here that I would feel more relevant to share with you. When students come to visit me for counseling and preparing IELTS, I often ask them about their future plan. Almost half of the students give me a kind of worrying answer which I don’t know, let me first pass the IELTS then I will decide. In this case, you have already emphasized that IELTS is bigger than your goal and you have already made clear that IELTS is harder for you. In real world, your goal is way bigger than IELTS, and we should understand that IELTS is just a test that tests your English level. When students give such answer, it is likely that they are afraid of facing IELTS or they may have thought that IELTS is indeed very difficult. I accept that to get a high band score in IELTS is not easy but to get an acceptable score in a range of 6 to 7 is not difficult either. If you have already spent more than 12 years in schools, then getting that range of IELTS score shouldn’t be tough. But we afraid a lot, we do not have a career goal and we do not have motivation, so the ultimate result is that we cannot get the desired grade in IELTS.

To be successful in IELTS exam, we should be psychologically in a very strong state. Your motivation and determination are very important to strengthen your psychology. Furthermore, making a career goal in advance will boost your determination to achieve success in IELTS. Here, I give you an example, well, if your career goal is to be a lawyer in life, then you know you have to join a good law school and work hard.

Therefore, having a career goal in life helps you to be organized, motivated and determined, which are the important psychological aspects that put you in a position of doing better in IELTS.

Good Luck!

Kiran Rai
Educational/Career Counselor
Director KEF Itahari Office

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