Sydney KEF Office

Sydney KEF Office



Australia & NewZealand Head office of Kangaroo Education Foundation & Visa Services Australia

Kangaroo Education Foundation Sydney has stretched its wing to recruit students to the universities and colleges in Australia-wide. Relatively new addition to the company portfolio, KEF Sydney is focused to serve onshore students in Australia for admission, migration, career counselling, accommodation and job assistance.

We as a company are not only succeeding, we are growing, and we look forward to accomplishing and grow in the coming years. We are soon expanding our business in various cities of China, India, Korea, Bangladesh, and Malaysia as well. Our success stories pile up every day. We, therefore, invite you to experience our wonderful services specially design to cater international students in Australia.

In KEF Sydney, we provide various services to our students. These services include:

Students at KEF Sydney get the privilege of attending monthly seminars focused on specific Australian Universities and colleges, immigration law changes, career and personal development progrms on a regular basis. These seminars are organized to facilitate students to choose the courses, education, find job and take next step in their career growth in Australia and abroad.
Our offices in Sydney also provide students assistance on any issues regarding education, accommodation, job search and airport pickup. At KEF Sydney, our focus is to give the ways by which students will be able to create themselves, academically sound and financially strong. So please try our services, experience it and draw your line of success graph with us.

We are MARA registered agents

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