Europe is home to many of the world’s oldest and most prestigious universities – and many of the most exciting and attractive student cities. European countries, and their universities, are of course all very different – in terms of language, lifestyle and living costs. Quality, Diversity and Opportunity are some of the main reasons why you should study in Europe.

Why Europe?

Which subjects can I study?

You will find a huge range of higher education study programs on offer across Europe –Business, Management, Information Technology, International Relations, Hotel and Hospitality Management, Languages, Law, Medicine, Sociology, Travel and Tourism, Design, Psychology, Engineering and much more.

I want to study in more than one European country. Is this possible?

Yes – there are lots of options for you to study in more than one European Country.

What language can I study in?

There are 24 official languages in the European but most countries across

Europe offers study programs taught in English and other languages too.

What time of year do study programs in Europe start?

Start dates vary across Europe, but the academic year, typically begins in September or October and January/February. Some study programs also offer June/July start dates too.

Countries Available:


Business & Hotel Management School


Diploma in Hotel Management

Higher Diploma

Bachelor Degree (Hotel Management/Global Business Management/Culinary Arts)

Note: Minimum 1 year of work experience is required for Culinary Arts

Hotel and Tourism Management Institute

Undergraduate Programmes

Postgraduate Programmes



Entry Requirement:


Niels Brock Business College
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Available courses in Denmark

American BSc in Business Administration – 4 Years

Specialization: Marketing or Finance

Admission requirements: High School Diploma


Work experience letter (if there is a gap)

Fees: Euro 11,600 per/year

Final 2 Years of the American BSC in Business Administration (Bachelor top-up degree) – 2 Years

Specialization: Marketing or Finance

Admission requirements:

Graduate Certificate in International Business (Pre-Master) – 1 Year

Admission requirements:

MSC International Business and Management – 1.5 years

Admission requirements:



Diploma (2year):

Bachelors Degree:

Higher Diploma (3 years): Culinary Arts

Master Degree: Master in Business Administration

Academics Certificate with minimum 50%

Intake Deadline:

Fees: Payment After Visa

Estimated Expenses:

Accomodation: Euro 150-200 per month
Food: Euro 200 per month
Book and stationery: Euro 350 per year


General Requirement:




Czech Republic:

Czech College, Prague, Czech Republic


Established in 2014 A.D the Czech College is in the heart of the Prague, Czech Republic. Prague is the capital and largest city of Czech. It also has an international Branch Campus in Sharjah, UAE. As Czech
College is in the state of beginning, it is getting popular due to its good academic performance fulfilling all the required means and facilities. Sound cultural diversity can be found within the college and the city.

Recently Czech college has partnership with the Virginia International University located at Fairfax, UnitedStates which is 30 minutes from Washington DC and the University of Northampton located at Boughton Green Rd, Northampton UK which is one of the renowned Universities providing excellent education. Students from Czech college can transfer their education to these Universities after few years studying in Czech college (2years for Bachelor students and 1year for Master students).




– February / September /November

Undergraduate Program: