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In our last blog, we discussed the top 4 universities in Australia for Nepali Students. But your journey of studying abroad doesn’t just end with knowing which unis are the best in the world. So, we’ve brought you a full step-by-step guide on how to choose a University to Study Abroad.

Choosing a university is a very big decision that will have long-lasting impacts on your life stages, even after your course duration has been completed. So, make sure you read till the end to understand all the key factors to consider while fixing your place of study in a foreign country.

Now, without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Step 1: Find Your Program/Course

Whether you’re looking for an undergraduate course or a postgraduate program, there will be multiple suitable programs you can join. And, not all universities might offer you the exact program you’re looking for. That is why you should find out and fix the program or course that you’re interested in.

Step 2: Pick a Country

You might have already chosen which country you want to study in, but if you haven’t yet, this is the time to. Make sure that the country you’re choosing has more pros than cons, is affordable for you, and offers the program or course that you’re interested in. Don’t forget that you’re looking for a country that offers you educational excellence.

Step 3: Make a List of Available Universities and Educational Institutions

Once you’ve chosen your program and country, it’s time to start Googling. Find out all the universities and educational institutions that offer your preferred course. When listing out these universities and institutions, make sure you enlist them by their World Rankings so it’s easier for you to know at a glance which ones are better than others.

Step 4: Start Crossing the Ones You DON’T Want To Study In

Now that you’ve made a list of all the universities and educational institutions that offer your preferred program, it’s time to start crossing out the ones that you DON’T want to study in. Make sure to consider the location of their campuses, their scholarships, multicultural inclusivity, affordability, and World Rankings.

The location of a university is more to do with the climate it has and whether you feel comfortable, safe, and at ease when you’ve decided to study there. Studying in a location where you’re uneasy because of an extremely diverse climate than your hometown will most likely wreck your studying abroad experience.

Also consider researching the location’s language, culture, and job prospects when trimming down this list. And while you’re at it, also check out Gurully PTE Login, a great platform for all your PTE and IELTS language preparation requirements.

Step 5: Examine the Course Syllabus

The next step would be to look into the course’s syllabus and what the program offers. This is crucial because not every university offers the same set of syllabus for the same course. So, figure out whether what you want to study is listed in the syllabus of the program that you’ve selected so far.

Step 6: Calculate the Cost

Crucially, you have to also calculate the cost of your education in this foreign country and understand how much you’ll be spending on your educational journey. The cost of a program can differ from one university to another. Most universities also offer numerous scholarships which you can find on their website or through an Educational Consultancy in Kathmandu.

Step 7: Figure Out the Application Requirements

Finally, when you’re sure of the program, university, and location, research their application requirements to find out if you qualify for the program.


By following this 7 Step Guide on How to choose a University to Study Abroad, you will undoubtedly be able to find the perfect program at the best University for you. However, if you’re

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