Valparaiso University

Available Courses

Bachelor of Actuarial Science
Bachelor of Art
Bachelor's of Science In Biology
Bachelor's of Science In Biochemistry
Bachelor's of Science In Astronomy
Bachelor's of Science In Chemistry
Bachelor of Communication
Bachelor of Computing and Information Science
Bachelor of Education
Bachelor of English
Bachelor of Environmental Science
Bachelor of Geography
Bachelor of International Economics and Cultural Affairs
Bachelor of International Relation
Bachelor of Metrology
Bachelor of Mathematics
Bachelor of Music
Bachelor of Physics
Bachelor of Psychology
Bachelor of Social Work
Bachelor of Accounting
Bachelor of Analytics
Bachelor of Finance
Bachelor of International Business
Bachelor of Management
Bachelor of Marketing
Bachelor of supply chain and logistics management
Bachelor of Bioengineering
Bachelor of Civil Engineering
Bachelor of Computer Engineering
Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
Bachelor of Environmental Engineering
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
Master of Health Administration
Master of Public Health
Master's of science Analytics and Modeling
Master of Arts and Entertainment Administration
Master of Business Administration
Master's of Art in Counseling and Psychology
Master's of Science in Cyber Security
Master of Education
Master's of Art in English Studies and Communication
Master of Information Technology
Master's of Science in International Commerce and Policy
Master's of Science in International Economics and Finance
Master's of Science in Media and Communication
Master's of Science in Sports Administration
Master of English to Speakers of Other Languages

Valparaiso, Indiana

Institution Type: University