Statement of Purposes


1. Introduction:

    • This paragraph contains how you define yourself, who you are, where you are from and your family relations.


2. Academic Qualifications

    • Students are to write about what they have achieved academically, more importantly in a chronological order so that it becomes easier to explain and know if there are any gaps in between the studies. If there are any gaps, you will have to explain what you did in between those gaps clearly.


3. IELTS / Work Experience / Internships

    • This can also be written in the previous paragraph as they are reasons behind the gaps. It is better if the students write their job designation clearly stating the company name and what they were supposed to do in their job or internships period if they have done any.
    • If you have EAP Program, write the benefits of EAP Program in separate pragaragh highlighting the importance of English program before starting the main course.


4. Why choose this course?

    • Interest on the course

    ➔ This normally includes past experiences that led the student to choose the course.

    ➔ Benefits/ what do you expect to learn in this field

    • Course webpage of University website has this answer
    • Career outcomes
    • Other similar courses and the reasons for you not choosing them;
    • What do you expect to learn from this course.
      Course outcome outlines the answer to this question. Please browse the course webpage to look for course outcome from university webpage. You were sent these to your emails.


5. Why you choose Australia?

    Showcase your research and comparison on

    • why not in Nepal( Mention education providers; pros and cons), and
    • why not in other destinations; then
    • Why Australia( point out the benefits from different prespectives(education, technology, climate, environment, laws and policies for international students) in separate paragraphs.



6. Why did you choose this university or College?

    • It is better if the student first visits the website of the university. It is clearly written on their website
    • | Information portal; please browse for     ➔ Why Australia
      ➔ Australian Education System
      ➔ Living in Australia
      ➔ After graduation
    • Visiting Education Fairs organized by the agents in Nepal
    • Attending in Seminars delivered by the University representatives in my city
    • Comparing the university and college with atleast 5 other education providers in terms of fee structure, course/subjects(specalization), location, classroom sizes, language requirements and others.


7. Future career and Plans

    • In this section, you are supposed to write your goals and intentions after you finish your study in Australia. You can write about gaining work experience through internships in the Post Study Visa Period but should not mention any intentions of staying in Australia for work purposes. It is a must for the student to describe what he/she wants to do after completing their study as this is the most crucial part of their application. An intention to return back to home country with the valid reasons behind it is a plus point and student should not miss out on this point as well.
    • Also, make sure you know little bit about Government of Nepal’s approach to your chosen field, such as future likely projects, investments, and the approach. Elucidate how you can be a part of such project whereby you will be able to contribute your community with the knowledge and skills you gain from within Australia.
    • Ensure that achieving qualification aided by the work experience from within Australia helps your communication skills too, and that you can be better fit for any high paid jobs in Nepal in the event of your return to Nepal. Your investment in Australia for your qualification is going to be a life rewarding investment, and you will gain confidence, creativity, hard working attitudes among others while staying and studying in Australia.


8. Sponsors

    • What is your financial arrangement to support your study and stay in Australia
    • ➔Clearly state who your sponsors are – they are generally your parents.
      ➔ Focus on your Cash Balance in a saving account at any acceptable A Grade Bank- how much amount in NPR and an equivalent AUD, or
      ➔ Education Loan (Amount in NPR and an equivalent AUD) or
      ➔ Sources of revenues – your sponsor’s occupation; give detail explanation of the sources of income your family has.


9. Reasons to come back Home country Nepal:

    • Demonstrate strong reasons to come back to home country through datas and research on your field; Governmment plans and policies in your respective field,similarly initiatives of NGO, INGO as well.
    • Explain the bond of family and relatives, property inheritance, cultural and social values of family and society and reasons to come back to your loved ones


10. Visa Conditions:

    • As an international student, you need to be be aware about certain visa obligations under student visa sub class-500, so mentions visa obligations in your own words.


11. Conclusion

    • Thanking the visa office for their time and consideration has always been a great aspect of a SOP. Please greet and humbly thank the visa officer. Requesting them for granting you the visa to complete your studies may be another connecting link of your conclusion.


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