Support Services

Support Services

Preparing students for their studies abroad goes beyond test preparations and counseling. Kangaroo supports each student beyond the usual services, and assist them with air-ticketing, airport pickup services, pre and post departure assistance, accommodation and placement.


Subsequent Visa Checklist:

From Australia:

  • 919 form
  • Evidence or course progression letter/ certificate(If any course/Semester is completed by the main applicant)
  • College letter of enrollment (Current dated)
  • History of relationship
  • Visa
  • Others Document (if applicant have)


From Nepal:

  • Visa Application form: 956A Form
  • Evidence of communication , Face book chat, call history, etc
  • Marriage photographs/ Photographs of togetherness  (10 to 15 Pcs)
  • Marriage certificate
  • Medical report – HAP ID
  • Relationship Certificate
  • Notarize copy of passport
  • Bank Balance /Bank Loan (1 year Tuition fee+ couple living cost travel cost)
  • Overseas Student Health Cover [OSHC]  (with validity at least till the visa validity of your associate student visa holder)
  •   Property Valuation-70 lakh to 1 crore
  • Source of Income

Australian High Commission Fee: AUD 575

Bio metric Charge: Rs. 4000

Consultancy Fee:
Before Visa: Rs. 15000 per person
After Visa: Rs. 15000 per person


Checklist for (Tourist Visa 600 Subclass)

From Australia:

  • Invitation Letter: Mention the ID NO (PP No and DOB), Purpose of visit, duration of visit and about your status and accommodation for your parents
  • Visa Granted Letter
  • House rent Agreement
  • Marriage certificate (If married)
  • Passport Copy-Information page
  • Other Document if you have
  • Birth Certificate of Baby
  • If PR Holder Sponsor
  • Australian Citizenship/ PR Letter
  • Bank Statement and Balance certificate
  • Job letter
  • Pay Slip


From Nepal

  • Online Visa Application Form
  • Passport size photographs of all the applicants.
  • Relationship Certificate with Applicant
  • Bank Statement and Certificate ( 10-15 Lakh from 3 Months)
  • Property Valuation – 70 lakh to 1 Crore
  • Source of Income
    • Business Income – Audit Report- PAN/Company Registration Certificate
    • Salary Income-Salary letter and pay slip
    • Agriculture Income- Verify by VDC or Municipality
    • Rent Income – Rent Agreement
    • Land Lease – Land lease agreement paper
  • Leave Letter (If Job holder)
  • All Passport
  • Citizenship Certificate
  • Visa Application Letter
  • Travel Insurance (Above 75 aged)
  • All Nepali Documents should be translated in English and attested
  • Medical Report Needed (Baby Delivery case, 6 or more than 6 month stay period)

Biometric collection from VFS-Patan, Lalitpur

Immigration and Courier Charge:
~ Australian High Commission -154 AUD

Consultancy Fees: NPR 15,000 per person.

Visitor visa checklist for Child:
1.    All page passport of Child
2.    Birth Certificate
3.    Togetherness Photographs with parents
4.    Marriage Certificate of Parents
5.    Passport date page copy of Parents
6.    1229 form
7.    1257 form
8.    Visa Application form : 956A form
9.    Bank Balance Certificate
10.    Relationship Certificate
11.    Pay slip of Father /mother

Immigration and Courier Charge:
~ Australian High Commission -154 AUD
Consultancy Fees: NPR 15,000 per person.