Babita Parajuli

Babita Parajuli


Babita has involved in Kangaroo Education Foundation (KEF) since 2008. She joined KEF as a front desk officer, and she was eventually promoted to Documentation Officer. In 2009, she left KEF for her further studies in Australia, where she spent three years working and studying. Upon completing her course from Australia, she returned to Nepal and resumed her service at KEF in 2012. Now she is working with KEF as a Career Counselor.

Babita’s previous experience, from Front Desk Officer to Documentation Officer, and her experience of living overseas and studying at an overseas university in Australia, has enriched herself and KEF a lot, and therefore, the role of Career Counselor was assigned to her immediately upon her return. To-date, in her involvement with KEF as a Career Counselor, Babita has successfully counseled hundreds of students and has enrolled majority of them.

Over the years, Babita has mastered herself with every detail a counselor needs in Australia study: from policy content to the course content, from a course requirement to probable competence upon graduation, and from post study work related issues to Australia’s current workforce environment. KEF is proud to have Babita in a team, and is glad to introduce her to any prospective students, and existing and prospective educational partners around the world.

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