Mahesh Babu Timalsina

Mahesh Babu Timalsina


Mahesh Babu Timalsina has been in the Education Recruitment Industry since 2001. With the background of literary writing, school teaching and language training, Mahesh pursued the Counseling/Recruitment as his stable career and later developed it as a brand Kangaroo. Mahesh is at the helm of the company Kangaroo Education Foundation and leads 7 offices across Nepal and Australia with more than 50 staff members working full time. Mahesh has acquired the certifications of QEAC (C225), ITAC (0329), Education New Zealand Trained Agent, NAFSA Membership as part of professional development.

Mahesh served as the Secretary General for Educational Consultancy Association of Nepal (ECAN) for 4 consecutive terms from 2009 to 2016. He also served as a Co ordination Committee Member of Nepal Government Ministry of Education's Educational Counseling and Verification Section for 2 years.

Mahesh is one of the trainers of TITI (Training Institute for Technical Instruction) which solely provides the counselor training for all the existing as well as wanna-be counselor of Nepalese Education Consultancies.

Other fact of Mahesh’s personality includes the Song writing, Music and Movies Production as well as several Social Philanthropic Activities. He can be reached by email at