Susmita Parajuli

Susmita Parajuli


Susmita is with this company since its inception in 2001. The company was renovated and restructured as Kangaroo Education Foundation in 2007. This year forward she serves here as an Office Administrator. In performing this role, she has participated in various education fairs thereby upgrading her skills of student counseling.

Susmita mainly deals with the financial and academic documents, in addition to her Office Administrative roles. She offers students factual but appealing counseling. Students feel her like mother, more than a counselor. Transparency and honesty remain as the two ingredients which have rooted deeply in her personality.

Susmita’s these qualities have led the students to cultivate a sense of feeling that they have come to the right place and met the right person. This is enough for the students to reach the point of conviction. Susmita’s this transformation of students to their conviction level is one of the main reasons behind KEF’s success. We are proud to have her in the team.

Ms Susmita can be reached at