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The SAT is a standardized paper based test widely used for college admissions and scholarships in the United States of America and Canada for undergraduates. It was first introduced in 1926, and its name and scoring have changed a few times, being initially called the Scholastic Aptitude Test, at that point the Scholastic Assessment Test, at that point the SAT Reasoning Test, and now essentially the SAT.The SAT is fully owned, developed, and published by the College Board, a non-profit organization of United States.It is administered on behalf of the College Board by the Educational Testing Service.

The SAT has three sections: Verbal, Quantitative and an optional essay. The Verbal section includes Reading and Writing whereas Quantitative section includes math (with and without calculator allowed). SATtest is scored on scale of 200–800, (in 10-point increments), on each of two sections (total 400–1600).Essay scored on scale of 2–8, in 1-point increments, on each of three criteria (total 6–24). Whereas the benchmark score of SAT is 480. The full length test is of 3 hours (without essay) and 3 hours 50 minutes (with essay). The SAT contents the following:

SAT usually has seven test dates in a year and results are available after two weeks of test date. It’s score is valid for five years from the test date.
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Required for SAT test date booking:

~ Passport

~ Test Fee USD 113.5 (with essay)

~ Test Fee USD 98.5 (without essay)


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