I am much fortunate now when I think of the past. As an academically sound student, even Bachelor of Science and Ayurbedic Medicine was not enough. I searched in all continents a suitable education provider that recognizes my capability with a willingness to support. While I had a tuition fees scholarship to study towards my masters in Bangladesh, I got an information about the opening of New Zealand Aid Scholarship, that also from Auckland. I am thankful very much to Tulasi R Kafle, now a senior counsellor at Kangaroo Education Foundation (KEF), but was in Auckland NZ then, who passed this valuable information on to me. In his support and advice, my application to Auckland University of Technology and then New Zealand AID Scholarship was successful.

I am privileged to see Kangaroo Education growing while at the same time getting stunning help for me to grow. On my visit to Nepal, this year 2014 February, I visited KEF’s Kathmandu office and its newly established office in Pokhara. I am pleased to see the number of students at Kangaroo more than in the past years. I felt then that the flow of students at KEF is normal as KEF has the reason to be so.
As a growing education agent, KEF’s experience has fascinated me in 2012, it does more so now. More experts are on the scene and a robust team is in play. The time has come now for me to say that Kangaroo Education Foundation in Nepal is incomparable against any other similar institution at least in terms of expertise, service and student centric approach.

Students whom I see at KEF, I feel them to be lucky as they are being served at KEF, and remain to be a part of KEF’s success story.

I recommend everyone, without any reservation, to consult the counsellors at KEF about anything but related to abroad studies. If you are capable enough, KEF is strong enough to make you succeed in gaining Scholarships. The one I have in New Zealand may you have next. For fee paying students, KEF is yet another place with robust mechanism in place. No second thought is required as KEF, to me and I believe the same holds true for all, a trusted partner.

KEF, may you grow ever and serve all receiving love from all in return!

Student Name: Yadav Gurung
Course / University: Master of Public Health (Research) New Zealand AID Scholarship Holder Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand